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Proud AWARD WINNING dog and cat groomers & members, OCN approved Academy and members of the British Isles Grooming Association & the British Dog Groomers Association.

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Hatfield & WGC's Leading Premier Award Winning Expert Holistic Dog and Cat Grooming & Wellness Salon.

Specialists in Asian Fusion style and Doodle crossbreeds.

Where your pet is our priority...

GoldWalk Grooming provides a complete holistic, award winning dog and cat grooming and wellness service to our clients, from bathing, trimming & Emmi-Pet Dental Treatments to Leucillin sales, hosting owner workshops and events. Our salon is located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

With over 18 years experience providing professional pet grooming services, we are award winning dog groomers and also hold our Level 3 CPD Certificate in Advanced Dog Grooming, Level 3 CPD Certificate in Canine Wellbeing, Level 1 Animal Reiki Practitioner, NDAM and BSc qualified in Animal Management, Edexel Certificate in Veterinary Medicine and also Canine First Aid. We are the leading experts in canine wellness in Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and surrounding areas.

British Dog Groomers Association
British Isles Grooming Association
CPD Certified
3 Best Rated

Our salon features the very best possible equipment on the market, including a Hydrobath with its many positive features including canine massage, promoting circulation and soothing tired muscles. We can accommodate any size dog. We also have electric tables which lower to floor level for our larger or less able dogs, enabling them to simply step on.

Our focus is the provision of bespoke care to your friend, we do not operate as a large commercial salon with a conveyor belt system. Our ethos is to allow dogs and cats the time, attention and emotional support they require for a positive experience with us here at GoldWalk.

We cannot wait to meet you!

- Amy & the team at GoldWalk.

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Dog & Cat Grooming Services

Owner Workshops & Events

Pet Wellness Checks & Leucillin Sales

Emmi-Pet Dental & Other Spa Treatments

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