Cat Grooming

GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy also groom cats too.

We care for your cats...

Cat 1

Your cat will visit our lovely salon where we have a dedicated cat grooming room away from dogs in a quiet, relaxing and fully cat proofed room.

We have feline pheromone diffusers to further relax your cat during their groom with us.

We never have dogs in the same vicinity.

Your cat will have a deeply cleansing bath in 100% natural cat safe shampoos, a luxurious blow dry, full deshedding and where required styling work.

Every cat will have their claws trimmed as standard.

We never use harsh handling methods and we allow cats to have breaks during the grooming process.

We will never force your cat or cruelly restrain them.

Book an Appointment

We can remove matting, provide deshedding grooms, maintenance grooms, basic sanitary grooms, kitten grooms and more.

To book your cat groom please call on 01707 265666.

Before your appointment...

Before a booking request is confirmed by us, we will take a 50% deposit.

This deposit is non refundable unless the appointment is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice.

Please ensure your cat has been treated for fleas 2 weeks prior to their visit to our salon and check for fleas prior to visiting us.

Any cat found to have fleas will incur an additional £30 charge plus the cost of any appointments we have to cancel due to infestation in the salon.

Please bring your cat to the salon in a secure pet carrier.

We will not accept loose cats.

Please be honest on your cats temperament - we like our fingers and faces!


Prices are quotes, actual prices are dependent on behaviour, coat condition & style required.

Example prices FROM:

Short hair deshedding groom (reduces moulting) - £50

Long hair deshedding - £65

Styling (teddy/lion/boo etc) - £85

Matting removal - £10-20

Behaviour charge - £15

Including bath, dry & nail trim as standard.