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GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy is Hatfield and WGC's Leading Award Winning Premier Holistic Dog Grooming & Canine Wellness Salon...


We are your local Asian Fusion and Doodle specialists...

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As a fellow doggy mum myself to Missy, my Rottweiler and Pixie, my British Shorthair cat, I fully understand how daunting it is choosing the right groomer for your beloved pooch.

With so many choices of local services it is certainly a mine field.

GoldWalk offer a wide variety of expert services from full grooms & puppy university courses to Emmi-Pet dental treatments and canine Reiki treatments – all for very competitive prices.

We differ from other commercial grooming businesses – we provide bespoke, tailored services to your dog in a calm, relaxed and less hectic holistic salon.

Amy, the Owner of GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy is an AWARD WINNING DOODLE SPECIALIST and has owners who travel from across Hertfordshire for Amy to groom their dogs...

A lovely elegant teddy bear trim? Or an easy to manage style that compliments your dogs profile? A beautiful round face? Nice and fluffy? Asian fusion style? Shorter or an alternative styling? No problem!

Amy has also groomed many celebrities dogs over the years too!

Amy has also professionally trained by the amazingly talented Emily Goodwill in Nottingham.

Emily competes nationally in the art of Asian Fusion style grooming and is multi award winning in her sector, this type of grooming style applies a cute, teddy bear like, happy expression to the dog in a modern twist.

It can be applied to most breeds including Yorkshire terriers, Maltese, Cockapoos, Poodles, Schnauzers and many, many more!

Asian Fusion requires tremendous scissor skills and is a very specialist area that not many groomers offer.

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Why choose GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy? What can we offer to our clients?

Award winning groomer - 1st place in her division at Master Groom 2020!

We have been screened & accepted and are proud members of professional bodies within the industry (BIGA & BDGA)

Extensively qualified within our sector - see "About us" for a full list

18 years experience professionally styling dogs

Any breed is welcome to our salon including giant breeds

We work with nervous/difficult to groom dogs

1-1 Grooming appointments

Wide range of related holistic grooming & wellness services all under one roof

Friendly, non judgmental & transparent service guaranteed

Modern, fully equipped salon with top of the range professional equipment

No cages, cabinet driers or harsh handling - guaranteed

Easy online booking system - get an appointment at your convenience instantly

Competitive pricing

Fear and force free positive handling methods are used

Every dog gets a play time after their grooms, we always allow extra time for this as we feel it's so important to reinforce positive associations.

We do not operate in a rushed manner to maximize appointment numbers.

Our service is fully centered around your dog.

We groom LESS dogs per day to ensure we can give your dog the attention, ensure their welfare is always put first and provide a calm environment for them.

THIS is where we differ from other salons.

What is Holistic Grooming?

In a nut shell holistic grooming is the provision of our services in a relaxed, stress free environments to provide optimal emotional and physical wellness.

Taking into consideration factors such as the following...


We only use 100% natural products on your dog that are free of harsh chemicals and nasties that can unbalance your dog.

These are essential to produce healthy coat and skin.

Limited time in the salon

We will not have your pet here an unnecessarily long time, we work with your pet immediately and do not rely on cage driers to do the work.

This means we give your dog full attention and hands on contact.

A stress free groomer

Our groomers are not pushed for unrealistic timed appointments, we give your dog ample time so your groomer and your dog are not stressed.

Dogs are extremely intuitive and pick up on an unbalanced mind and body.

We continually develop ourselves through the natural power of Reiki.

Holistic groomers work WITH your dog, not against them

We work positively and never use harsh or unjust methods with your dog.

We believe in using our knowledge of canine behaviour to gain results and have a strong background in all aspects of wellness enhancement.

This means we give your dog full attention and hands on contact.

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Please take a look at our many, many reviews from our happy clients – we are proud to boast a 100% 5 star rating across all social media & Google platforms.

For more information, quotes or just to have an informal chat to get to know GoldWalk and our passion for all things Doggy – please get in touch or visit our Facebook page.

GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy – where your pets are our PRIORITY!